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The more Catholic reactionaries revile the
insurgent common people*of the first French
Devolution, the more they condemn themselves.
It is the most impudent perversion of reality for
them to snivel about the guillotine and the
tumbrils, as though these were not purely
Catholic products, as though they came in
suddenly from outside to wreck a genteel Para-
dise. They were the last stage of the systematic
injustice and ignorance of a strictly Catholic
regime. One phase succeeded another with
relentless logic. The Marseillaise completed
the life-cycle of Catholicism.
In Spain too and in Mexico we have seen
undisputed educational and moral Catholic
ascendancy, the Church with a free hand,
producing a similar uprush of blind resentment.
The crowds there also were cruel and blas-
phemous ; but Catholicism cannot complain ;
for Catholicism hatched them. Priests and nuns
who had been the sole teachers of the people were
insulted and outraged and churches defiled.
Surely if the Church is anything like what it
claims to be, the people would have loved it.
They would not have behaved as though sacrilege
was a gratifying relief.
But these Catholic Revolutions are only speci-
mens   of one   single   type  of Revolution.    A